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TLAser400™ Laser Micrometer Interface Card

LaserLinc laser micrometers equipped with a NetLinc interface do NOT use a TLAser400 card.

This unique data acquisition card is designed specifically for analyzing signals from the class of devices known as scanning laser micrometers. (To learn more about scanning laser micrometers, visit this interactive simulation.)

The TLAser400™ card interfaces directly with any of LaserLinc’s full line of scanning laser micrometers as well as laser micrometers from other manufacturers.

It comes with the Total Vu™ HMI for configuration, data processing, feedback control, and reporting functions.

Maximize the Value of Your Existing Micrometers

The card hosts up to four “daughter cards.” Each daughter card, or compatibility module, is selected based on the make and model of the associated laser micrometer.

Compatibility module design is unique to the make, and in a few instances, the model series of micrometer. The module conditions the signals unique to a given set of micrometers so that the TLAser400 card and Total Vu software can interpret the signals in a general way.

With the right compatibility modules and cabling, you can effortlessly and inexpensively upgrade the capability of your existing micrometers. With the card and Total Vu software running on a standard PC, you can accomplish much more than with the original processor, at minimal cost.

Contact us for help upgrading your existing equipment.


Your Choice

LaserLinc let’s you choose the laser micrometer that’s best for your application. LaserLinc let’s you choose the hardware that’s the best fit for you, whether it is a TLAser400 card in a PC of your choosing, a NetLinc interface (only for LaserLinc micrometers), or a μLinc™ processor with integrated I/O.

Take advantage of complete data processing, a customizable graphical user interface, networking, and common tools available at low cost for the PC platform.


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