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Accessories for Scanning Laser Micrometers

Installation of a scanning laser micrometer often involves one or more accessories to facilitate ease of use, optimal performance, and long-term operation. LaserLinc offers a variety of fixtures for its full line of 16 laser micrometers, including roller guides, stands, calibration kits, window guards, and air purges. V-blocks, slides, and other accessories are available for many of our micrometers. Consult your LaserLinc applications engineer for assistance in picking the right optional accessories to meet your needs.

LaserLinc designs and manufactures custom accessories to meet specific requirements. We will work with you to accomplish your objectives—just communicate your needs with LaserLinc staff.

Air purge and window guard

Air Purge Systems (Back to Top)

A pressurized air purge system enables you to use clean, dry air to keep contaminants away from your micrometer’s measurement field. The addition of an air purge does not affect micrometer specifications.

Cables (Back to Top)

Some micrometers have a combined signal and power cable while others have separate signal and power cables. Some models use proprietary cables and some use standard Ethernet and instrumentation power cables. Consult your micrometer manual for details or contact us.

LaserLinc stocks a large assortment of micrometer cables for quick turnaround. Standard lengths typically include: 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet [1.5, 3, 7.6, 15.2, 22.9, and 30.5 m]. LaserLinc will also deliver custom cables—lengths, connectors, cable construction, etc.—on request.

Calibration kit

Calibration Kits (Back to Top)

Maximize your micrometer’s accuracy with proper calibration procedures. LaserLinc’s easy-to-use calibration kits mount directly to the micrometer, resulting in perfect alignment of the calibration standards to the micrometer’s field of view.

To improve the accuracy of your micrometer even more, you can use three or more calibration standards and the system will automatically use the pair of standards most appropriate for the product size you are measuring.

Profile Vu (Back to Top)

LaserLinc’s Profile Vu™ class of accessories automatically move the micrometer or product sample for special inspection applications. See the Profile Vu-R™ product page for a solution common to measurement of non-round products. See the Profile Vu-L™ product page for sophisticated sample inspection systems.

Remote Power Adapters / Cable Condensers (Back to Top)

For the TLAser122™, TLAser122s™, TLAser222™, Triton312™, and Triton330™ laser micrometers, if the signal cable exceeds 100 feet [30.5m], you will need a local power source. A remote power adapter accepts AC power from a standard wall socket and provides the required DC voltage to one or more of the listed micrometer models.

A non-powered version of this accessory can be used to conveniently carry the signal from three or four laser micrometers back to the host processor using a single cable.

Roller Guides (Back to Top)

For accurate measurement, roller guides ensure proper alignment of the product with the micrometer. They also make it easy for the operator to start up production.

LaserLinc offers many different styles of roller guides:

Roller shape, size, and material are chosen to match your application requirements and product profile. Roller material is often critical to the application.  Commonly used materials include:  hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and plastics.  Other materials, including food-grade, are available upon request.

For pictures and specifications of typical rollers, visit this page.

Stands (Back to Top)

A vertically adjustable stand allows your micrometer to be placed at the height needed to measure your product during the production process. The stand base can be bolted to the floor to ensure the micrometer will not fall and that it remains properly positioned for accurate measurement.

A variety of stands is available including adapters for mounting a pair of dual-axis or triple-axis micrometers to yield an effective four- or six-axis measurement system, respectively.


V-Blocks (Back to Top)

V-blocks support and position a product sample while it is being measured. Using a V-block and proper calibration maximizes measurement accuracy. A V-block also makes the measurement process simple and quick for the operator.

Window Guards (Back to Top)

This accessory mounts to the micrometer to protect the glass windows from being scratched or cracked, and it helps to keep some contaminants from coming to rest on the windows. A window guard does not affect micrometer specifications. A window guard looks very similar to an air purge but it does not have an input port for an air source nor does it have the internal construction to direct airflow across the micrometer’s windows.