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Gauge Interfaces

Product and Process Monitoring, Display, Control, and Reporting

Non-contact, precision, dimensional measurement instrumentation is a core component of every system we deliver. A system is only a solution if it accomplishes your goals and that’s where the conversation with a LaserLinc expert begins. We will ask you some direct questions:

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you get from answering questions like these to an instrumentation interface that accomplishes your goals.

Gauge Interfaces

All UltraGauge+™ wall measurement systems feature Total Vu™ software, a PC-based Human-Machine Interface (HMI) application. For systems with only scanning laser micrometers, two options are available: the Total Vu HMI and the SmartLinc™ processor.

Total Vu HMI

The Total Vu HMI is a scalable platform that provides tools and information needed for every stakeholder:

Total Vu software is powerful enough to satisfy engineering and management, yet easy for operators to use. Total Vu software delivers simple, clean solutions to meet basic requirements (see highlights of standard features) up to and including complete product and process monitoring with closed-loop control, integration with plant-wide systems, and detailed reporting. It is the platform of choice for manufacturers in the industries we serve.


The SmartLinc processor is a standalone platform for delivering fast, accurate measurements of product diameter and ovality directly to your line control system using standard industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP. Simple serial communications and Ethernet UDP are also available. The SmartLinc processor integrates easily with your line control system.  Built-in functions such as statistics and flaw detection save engineering time and reduce complexity in your line controller.